TestHorse.org Product Questions
1. Which different Testhorse products are available?
Testhorse provides its customers with products for Certification and Exam Training in Test Engine form: Questions and Answers (Q&A) The Questions and Answers should be utilized to prepare for the exam in detail, passing your exam is Warranty with the Q&A. All the topics required to pass the exam are covered in comprehensive way through the questions and correct answers along with explanations (where available). Q& A are provided in Test Engine format.
2. How will I access Questions & Answers Product?
Testhorse provides the Question & Answer in the form of an Interactive Test Engine. The Test Engine provides you with a Virtual Exam (test yourself with exam questions with a time limit), Practice exam (review exam questions one by one, see correct answers and explanations). The Test Engine is downloadable, installed on your PC. The “Exam Setting and Question Filter” allow you to customize the Test Engine according to your requirements.
3. How long is my product Valid?
Testhorse products have a validity of 365 days from the date of purchase. After 120 days the product will not be accessible and should be renewed.
4. Can I try the Demo for Online Testing Engine for Free?
Demos are available for only a few selected exams. An overview for the products can be seen on our Samples page.
5. What does your Q&A with explanations entail?
The Question & Answer provide explanations along with rephrased version of the questions that appear in the exam. Explanations are provided for all the options so it helps you to understand why a specific Answers option is correct or incorrect. More information about available Q&A can be found on our products page.
6. How can I detect if a product has explanations or not before I make the purchase?
The page for each product Exam or Certification will specifically say if the product has only Questions and Answers, or Questions and Answers with Explanations.
7. Can I pass an exam with Testhorse Question & Answers only?
It’s absolutely possible, but we recommend you use one of our other products such as Study Guide, Lab preparation or Audio Exam along with the Question & Answers to develop a complete understanding and gain practical hands-on experience.
8. What are the system requirements to use the Testhorse products?
There are four requirements: Windows operating system Permission to install a program in Windows Operating System Access to the Internet Install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Our products currently run only on Windows Operating System, we are in a process of launching our products on Linux and Mac operating Systems.
9. I’d like to try before I buy; can I see a couple of questions?
You can see an overview of our products on the Sample page, also DEMO for a few selected exams are available on product pages. Please, e-mail support(at)testhorse.com and state which DEMO you would like to receive.

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